Gwinnett County Fire Stations

LPBC has completed several fire stations for Gwinnett County. These include: Stations, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 23, 25 & 30. These stations are either two or three bay facilities. 2 of these facilities included a Gwinnett County Fueling Station.

The 3-bay station contains two distinct operations: a Fire-fighting Company, providing fire protection to the local community, and a Battalion Headquarters Office, serving this and six other Company locations. Space in the Company area includes a Day Room, Dining area with Kitchen, Toilet/Showers, a Fitness Room and a Bunk Area with 13 bunks, adequate to support the station manpower through three shifts. On the Battalion side of the building, office space for the Battalion’s Administrative Operations, is provided, as well as related bunk space and toilet/showers. A 50-person Classroom is provided for use in training activities and by the community.

The 2-bay station is a Company-level facility positioned to service fire needs in the local community. Site circulation requirements included integrating the anticipated fire vehicle access points to the site. Twenty-five parking spaces have been provided for Fire Department Staff and visitors to the station. The company facility includes a Day Room, Dining Area with Kitchen and private patio, Toilets and Showers, a Fitness Room, and a Bunk Area with eleven private cubicles.

Gwinnett County, GA
Gross Square Foot/Unit
12,670 Three Bay
Gwinnett County BOC
LPBC, Architecture, SMEP Engineering, Interiors