Hotel Imaging Provider


LPB has maintained an excellent working relationship with top tier franchisors such as Hilton and Marriott. Having designed hundreds of these branded hotels, they take the learning curve out of the question and give the owner a comfort level that things will be done right the first time around.

- Jay Patel, President, North Point Hospitality

We have been extremely impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, and quality. our products are frequently complicated and not “out of the box” prototypes. LPB are consistently responsive to our needs and resolve challenges during not only the design and permitting stage, but also through construction. They got the job done efficiently and effectively.

- Michael R. Bennett, President, The Bennett Hofford Co.

When we started working with LPB over ten years ago, we made a huge jump in professionalism, which led to better, more efficient buildings, with fewer surprises during construction. They understand the urgency of our business, often completing hand drawn site plans within minutes of my request. LPB has designed everything from prototypes to complex urban projects. Buck Lindsay has the rare trait of both star quality talent and a humble spirit.

- John McKibbon, President, McKibbon Hotel Group

LPB has done a fantastic job for our hotel. the knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. when a developer has a multimillion dollar project on their hands, they always look for the firm who has extensive talent and experience. At a reasonable cost. LPB has talent, knowledge and professionalism.

- Hargovind Sharma, Hotel Developer

It is with complete confidence that I enthusiastically and unreservedly recommend the Architectural/ Engineering firm of Lindsay Pope Brayfield & Associates to you. My experience with this firm for the past 30 years has always been the preferred team to partner with for the design and construction of projects.

- Jake Grant, Chief Operations Officer, Oconee County Schools

We have built 25 hotels with WLA over the past two decades. Their team possesses the most current information on lodging trends and brand standards. They listen to our input about constructibility during pre-construction and help expedite the process. their people genuinely understand the construction process. They are leaders in the hospitality design field.

- Matt Craig, President, Pinkerton & Laws of Florida, Inc.

We have had great experience building HGI, Nashville with LPB. They are team players – a responsive and owner/contractor-friendly firm. They listen to all possible scenarios when an issues arises, to determine the most efficient manner to address it. This approach to building hotels benefits everyone.

- Michael Rankin, President, J.E. Crain & Son, Inc.

I would highly recommend LPB to any client who values a firm with- proven experience in the field of K-12 building design, a commitment to providing the end user with a quality facility at a reasonable cost, the ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders in the design and construction of such facilities.

- Joe Perno, Assistant Superintendent, Barrow County Schools

CPI has had the privilege to team with LPB on three projects. They are, without doubt, the most professional firm that we have ever worked with.

- Grae Rambo, President, Construction Professionals, Inc.