Parkview High School Gym Addition

This facility is an expansion of the existing Parkview High School Campus. The building program called for construction of a two-story addition to the existing gymnasium structure on a severely sloping site. One of the critical tasks of the addition was to provide a new “face” for the campus.

Student space provided includes a 2,400 seat gymnasium space with retractable bleachers, team locker rooms, general physical education locker rooms, exercise room, athletic director’s office, coach’s offices, health classrooms, concession stands, entrance lobby and jogging track.

The building structure consists of concrete pad foundations supporting concrete retaining walls and poured-in-place concrete columns which support concrete beams with hollow core concrete plank flooring. The gymnasium space is enclosed with 14’-0” high “eyebrow” trusses which are supported 37’-0” above the gym floor. Roof is a 4-ply built-up roof and the exterior is faced with brick veneer. The main entry is sheltered with a cantilevered standing-seam canopy. Interior floors are terrazzo in the corridors and tile in the locker rooms. The gym floor surface is an engineered wood system. Acoustical treatment in the gym is achieved via a spray-on material applied to the roof deck.

The mechanical system uses a cooling tower and gas-fired boiler connected to water source heat pumps. Plumbing is cast iron and copper with porcelain and stainless steel fixtures.

The quality of the work was exceptional, as Foster placed top staff on the site and in the office to oversee the construction, finishing two months ahead of schedule. The success of this project is a good example of teamwork as the Owner, Architect and Contractor have been able to work closely together for the common goal of a successful project for everyone.

Lilburn, GA
Gross Square Foot/Unit
Part of large campus
Construction Start
September 2000
Construction Time
18 Months
Gwinnett County B.O.E.