Cabana Bay Beach Resort

The Cabana Bay Beach Resort is a 1,800 room destination at Universal Studios Orlando. The midcentury-themed family hotel is designed to capture the vibrancy of the 1950’s-60’s station-wagon family-vacation experience.

The project is organized around the Arrival Building that houses hotel check-in, food service, gift shop, 10 lane bowling alley, fitness studio, game room/arcade, and back of house hotel operations. To the north are three 4-story exterior corridor guestroom buildings that surround the North Courtyard amenities. To the south are two 7-story serpentine guestroom buildings that encompass the South Courtyard amenities. Architects Shulman + Associates and Dardoff Design consulted on design and jurisdictional processes.

Orlando, FL
Phase I Exterior Corridor
Phase II Arrival Building
Phase III Towers