Gwinnett County Two-Story Prototype

Large flat school sites are difficult to find in all growing areas of our state, and Gwinnett County is no exception. One solution that helps is to build on smaller acreage with a two-story building.

Lindsay Pope Brayfield Clifford’s two-story protoytype elementary school has been designed to house 832 students (59 instructional units) as the smaller version. Our larger version houses 1025 students (68 instructional units) and the largest, 1331 students (83 instructional units). All three are built with core facilities to house the largest number with all utilities ready for expansion

We have one “1025” size and two “1331” size that opened in August of 2008 and 2009. One middle size and one large size are under construction now that will open in 2010.

We continue to design our buildings for durability and as maintenance free as possible. Brick veneer exterior covers CMU interior with steel frame. Porcelain tile corridors are beautiful and don’t need waxing. Cooling and heating is accomplished with water source heat pumps for each classroom. Built up roofing tops the majority of the structure with accent areas of standing seam metal.

Gwinnett County, GA