Gwinnett County Maxwell High School Career Center

The overall campus houses this Maxwell High School Career Center along with the Gwinnett School of Math, Science and Technology. LPBC has continued to update the Maxwell High School portion of the campus to keep up with vocational technology.

Maxwell High School was designed originally with 45,386 sq. ft. of buildings housing vocational classrooms that were popular in educational programs during the 1960’s.

A 54,176 sq. ft., 2-story addition was added and all buildings were renovated in 1992 to provide for new programs such as industrial technology, computer programming and repair, media production and photography, cosmetology, automotive repair with paint booths and welding shops, horticulture labs and standard classroom facilities that are typically required in a high school.

In 2008, LPBC started Phase 1 renovation of the lower building that houses Automotive Collision Repair. 2009 brought the renovation of the Automotive Service Technology Labs. Renovation continued in 2010 and 2011 in the upper building in various other phases to introduce a new Culinary Arts Lab along with upgrades to the Medical Sciences, Cosmetology, Child Care, Aeronautics and other labs.

Lawrenceville, GA